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City ready to update X-Plan with neXtPlan


XENIA — The City of Xenia is seeking input from residents on its future.

With the nearly 10-year-old X-Plan almost completely implemented, the city is working on an updated version called neXtPlan.

According to the city’s website, “neXtPlan will be a set of goals and strategies for the future growth and improvement of Xenia.” The plan will address land use, economic development, housing, mobility, utilities, public safety, and parks/recreation. According to city officials, community input is invaluable as this plan will help guide Xenia’s direction for the next 10 years.

The plan allows Xenia to be proactive to improve the city and market the community’s assets/opportunities. It also allows the city to prioritize actions and expenditures in order to target them strategically, as well as identify funding sources such as grants and partnerships and improves the city’s ability to pursue them.

The city has put together a series of surveys and answers will be shaped into the the plan.

Categories are general, housing and economical development, mobility, parks and recreation, utilities, and public safety.

Here are some sample questions from the various categories.

— How satisfied are you with the City of Xenia as a place to live?

— Within the next five years, are you most likely to … (stay in your current residence and never move, move into a different home in Xenia, move to a different community).

— How do you usually get around your community? (Driving, bus, walking, etc.)

— What recreation activities interest your household?

— Please rate the quality of you rwater and sewer services.

— Do you feel that your neighborhood is safe?

The city is developing neXtPlan with the assistance of a grant from the Dayton Foundation, through the Del Mar Healthcare Fund, for the Livable and Age-Friendly Communities Project. The grant will help to reimburse fees for consultants and other related expenses involved in public outreach and development of neXtPlan, according to city officials.


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