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GMS names students of month


JAMESTOWN —Greeneview Middle School recently named its January students of the month.

Recognized were Layla Coey (seventh grade), Wyatt McKay (sixth grade), Bailey Strickle (fifth grade), and Logan Wirth (fourth grade).

The school sent the following about each student.

Coey — Layla is the model student, always prepared and has her learning face on. She takes her academics seriously and respects her peers. She is always pleasant and willing to help another classmate if asked.

McKay — Wyatt demonstrates the Ram Pride characteristics of Greeneview students. He is respectful to all people within our building. Wyatt shows responsibility by being on time and prepared for class each day as well as participating in class work, discussions, and activities. He shows reflection through working hard to understand and learn material in the classroom as well as being conscious of his interactions with other members of the school.

Strickle — Bailey comes to class every day with a great attitude. She is always very polite to her classmates and her teachers. She is eager to learn, and she pushes past challenges with perseverance.

Wirth — respectful, responsible, and reflective are words that Logan exhibits on a daily basis. He is respectful and helpful of classmates and teachers. He is a responsible learner. He is consistent with his school work and is prepared for class each day. Logan often makes connections to lessons being taught in class, which shows that he is reflective. Logan is a hard worker and is willing to lend a hand when needed.