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XCS’s April ‘Kids of Character’ announced at BOE meeting


XENIA — Xenia Community Schools recognized April’s “Kids of Character” at the April 10 board meeting.

Recognized were Aspen Dingeman (preschool), Beckham Evans (Arrowood Elementary), Damien McGee (Cox Elementary), Journey Fields (McKinley Elementary), Dominic Collier (Shawnee Elementary), Cora Robertson (Tecumseh Elementary), Devon Andrea (Warner Middle School), and Zoey Blake (Xenia High School).

Below are excerpts of what was read about each student at the meeting.

Dingeman — Aspen’s teachers believe she is a very kind and caring child. She is very helpful in the classroom and is always willing to help the other students without being asked. She is a good leader and a great role model for the other students.

Evans — He is a kindergarten student Marissa Vest’s class. She wrote that “Beckham is a cooperation all-star. He is always flexible with changes, follow directions the first time, and is always willing to help an adult or peer. Beckham is pleasant, friendly, and responsible. We are so grateful that he is part of our school.”

McGee — Damien was nominated by his teacher, Allison Dougherty. She wrote that “Damien is constantly supporting his fellow classmates and teachers. He is always smiling. He works hard every day and loves to encourage himself when doing his work, like saying ‘I’m doing a good job.’ He has come a long way since the first day of school. He is an excellent example of what each student and teacher should strive to be.”

Fields — Journey is an excellent student with a strong work ethic and desire to learn. She arrives on time to school every single day, prepared with her necessary materials. Journey works very hard on all of her assignments and always puts forth her best effort. Journey is a great friend to everyone and treats every person she meets with kindness. She is well-mannered, respectful, and a good listener.

Collier — Dominic is one student who stands out as a person who practices being honest even when it’s not easy. Dominic is a person with great integrity. When he makes a mistake, he owns up to it and quickly takes steps to make things right. He is honest with his friends, they can count on him to do what he says he will do. They can trust him. He is true to himself in the way he genuinely loves others. He is a true friend and someone we are glad to share our classroom and school year with.

Robertson — Cora always uses polite manners and shows appreciation for the things others do and the things she has. She asks adults how they are doing, returns kindness even if it is not deserved, and is mindful about the feelings of others. She is always prepared, listening, and can easily summarize a lesson. Cora was the school’s kid of character for gratitude in November. She works hard and is a wonderful example for others.

Andrea — Devon is an exemplary student who continuously exceeds expectations, inside and outside of the classroom. Devon is an integral part of classroom success and exudes courtesy for all around him. Devon is always smiling and works hard every day. Devon leads with unwavering integrity, respect, and responsibility. He demonstrates skills above his grade level. He is an excellent example of what each teacher/student should strive to be.

Blake — Zoey’s extracurricular activities include Writing Club, Academic Team, and she is a member of the high school choir. Teachers describe Zoey as a positive and upbeat influence in classes. She would like to be a paralegal or a corporate writer after she graduates next year and wants to study English in college.