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Cedarville high, middle name students of month


CEDARVILLE — Cedarville high and middle schools recently announced their March students of the month.

Recognized were Ben Ormsbee (12th grade), Ashlynn Berry (11th grade), Jaana Whitmore (10th grade), Brett Haemmerle (ninth grade), Wyatt Marsh (eighth grade), Gabby Rupp (seventh grade), and Lucy Becknell (sixth grade).

The district sent the following about each student.

Ormsbee — Ben is great to have in class. He always comes prepared, with a good attitude and works diligently.

Berry — Ashlynn is kind hearted and a student leader. She is a great mentor to younger band students.

Whitmore — Jaana is an outstanding student. She is a very hard worker, has a vibrant personality, and is a creative, critical thinker.

Haemmerle — Brett is a kind, hard-working student in my classroom. I’ve seen him encourage and include others.

Marsh — Wyatt is a top notch student. He is a quiet leader, he loves to learn, and is always focused.

Rupp — Gabby is a hard worker, responsible, and is always willing to help others.

Becknell — Lucy is such a caring person. She is always trying to help others and is a true leader.