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Cedarville University hosting International Conference on Creationism


CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University will serve as the new host for the ninth International Conference on Creationism, July 16 -19. This conference allows creation scientists from around the world to present research papers, discuss scientific topics, and build models that support a creationist worldview.

The conference will offer morning and afternoon sessions for attendees. All evening sessions are open to the public free of charge.

During the evening sessions, scientists including Dr. Douglas Petrovich, professor of ancient Egypt at Wilfrid Laurier University; Dr. Andrew Snelling, director of research at Answers in Genesis; and Dr. Kurt Wise, director of the Center for Creation Research and professor of natural history at Truett McConnel University, will present their research on a multitude of scientific topics, including theology, archaeology, genetics, geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy.

“The main goal when we look at research papers for presentation purposes is whether the papers contribute to our understanding of creation and how science is a tool that reinforces the truth of creation,” said Dr. Aaron Hutchison, professor of chemistry at Cedarville University and chair of the board coordinating the conference.”

In addition to presentations and group sessions, the conference will address rock formations after the flood, as well as discuss whether some dinosaurs had feathers.