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Heels for Heroes set for Sunday


FAIRBORN — The annual Heels for Heroes relay race is set for Sunday, Sept. 17.

Heels for Heroes is a fundraiser put on by Operation Fairborn Cares (OFC), a grassroots nonprofit 501C3 organization, and takes place from 12-3 p.m.

OFC, founded in 2012 by Marilyn McCauley, works with a variety of churches and organizations in the area to care for Greene County veterans in need.

The Heels for Heroes event is a unique relay race for men and women; the men in high heels and the women in combat boots.

In person registration will start at 12 p.m. the day of the race. Groups can register in the front of the Fairborn Chamber of Commerce where the race will begin, 12 N. Central Avenue. Pre-registration is also available and encouraged by emailing [email protected], or calling McCauley at 937-305-7540.

The annual fundraiser has gotten so big in recent years, the Greene County Board of Commissioners has declared Sept. 17 to be Heels For Heroes Day across the county.

Contact Ethan Charles at 937-502-4532.