Submitted photo | Arrowood Elementary School

During the month of April, Arrowood Elementary School gave all-star awards to students who showed courage. All stars were Micah Carrazco, Aiden Musselman, Victoria Keele, and Matthew Robinette (kindergarten); Salma Salah, Bryson Beaty, Beckham Evans, and Max Charbaneau (first grade); Evelynn Nguyen, Eloise Porter, Scarlett Roades, and Westin Carter (second grade); Mauricio Tostado, Riley Beddow, Cayleigh Pridgen, and Jacob Raybuck (third grade); Leland Pace, Leuna Pitzer, Jais Harris, and Mason Giroux (fourth grade); and Kenny Allen, Liliann Holston, and Zeke Moore (fifth grade).