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Wilberforce launches radio station


Greene County News Report

WILBERFORCE — Wilberforce University launched its own Internet radio station this past weekend.

The radio station has three channels: a Christian channel that will play traditional to modern songs of faith; a mixed-genre channel that will play reggae, jazz, hip hop, and rap (this channel will be an outlet for students to post their personal music and poetry) and a sports and talk channel that will serve as a tool to stay in contact with alumni, parents, the community and friends.

It also gives the university an opportunity to disseminate information as well as to connect globally with the world. The station, WUWU radio, can be accessed from the university homepage at www.wilberforce.edu or from www.WUWUradio.com.

The school also announced Monday that Clarence Bozeman, a retired educator of more than 30 years who was also a driver for the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will be on campus on Thursday, Aug. 20 to host the university’s first campus wide chapel.

Having learned directly from King about leadership, compassion and humility, Bozeman frequently speaks with young people about his experiences.

Greene County News report compiled by Scott Halasz.