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Why cybersecurity education is important in Ohio


CEDARVILLE —With the support of the Ohio Cyber Range Institute, Cedarville University is hosting The Ohio CyberEd Workshop, March 2-3 in the Stevens Student Center event rooms, beginning at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

The Ohio Cyber Range Institute is a statewide, collaborative network that supports cybersecurity efforts across the state. This workshop is designed for university faculty in Ohio who teach cybersecurity or who may be interested in starting a cyber program at their university. The collaborative workshop will allow faculty members to share best practices and discuss challenges and opportunities in the field.

Fourteen colleges and universities in Ohio will be represented at the workshop, including Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati. Special guest Kirk Herath, cybersecurity strategic advisor for Gov. Mike DeWine, will address the topic of why cybersecurity education at colleges and universities is important to the state.

The need for cybersecurity continues to grow as society relies more heavily on cyberspace, whether that be online communication, commerce, banking, or remote work. “As a society, we become more dependent on cyberspace every day,” said Dr. Seth Hamman, associate professor of cyber operations and computer science. “Cybersecurity education is the solution behind all of the solutions to the cybersecurity crisis facing our nation.”

With increased daily dependence comes the need for tighter security, and Hamman is at the forefront of meeting that need.

“The event is aimed at promoting and advancing undergraduate cybersecurity in Ohio,” said Hamman. “This is a workshop, not a conference. The idea is to share ideas, foster networking opportunities, and help create collaborations between faculty members in the state of Ohio.

“Cybersecurity education is new, and we are all still figuring out the best way to develop tomorrow’s cyber leaders in our classrooms,” added Hamman.

Cedarville’s cybersecurity program is one of only 20 colleges in the nation designated as a National Security Agency National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations and Cyber Defense.