XENIA — Xenia Community Schools recognized the March Kids of Character at last week’s meeting.

Honored were Landon Test (preschool), Lydia Hoiles (Arrowood Elementary), Harper Saunders (Cox Elementary), Miriam Gehrich (McKinley Elementary), Gemma Wintersteller (Shawnee Elementary), Devyn Johnson (Tecumseh Elementary), Mason See (Warner Middle School), and Klohi Navarro-Aguilar (high school).

Below are excerpts of what was read about each student at the meeting.

Test — Landon displays leadership, creativity, honesty, and courage. He is a great leader by being a friend to everyone and is always inclusive. He always puts forth his best effort.

Hoiles — Lydia is a first-grade student. According to her teacher, “Lydia is an amazing kiddo. She is thoughtful, caring, helpful. Lydia is honest to her core. She knows what is right and does what is right — even when no one is looking.”

Saunders — Harper is a sweet, kind, child. She is always on task and paying attention. Harper has worked really hard on her reading skills so far this year and has advanced two levels since the beginning of the school year. She is in first grade.

Gehrich — Miriam exemplifies all aspects of our Character Strong program. She demonstrates leadership in the classroom and school building by speaking thoughtfully and respectfully, treating people with kindness, and displaying PAX behaviors. Miriam works diligently in all subjects and is quick to offer a helping hand when needed to classmates and teachers.

Wintersteller — In first grade, there are many challenges students have to work through. Gemma handles challenges with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. One specific challenge Gemma is doing fantastic with is our first grade Reading Challenge. She currently has read over 30 books on her way to 50. She is a great example to her peers and works well with others.

Johnson — Devyn continuously shows honesty in and outside of the classroom. When asked, she always responds truthfully, no matter the situation. Devyn is a great example of always being honest.

See — Mason always shows the greatest deal of respect to the classroom and guest teachers, setting the example for others. He exhibits responsibility by always completing his work, is always an active participant in class discussions, and has always been supportive of his peers. His caring nature, patience, and personality allow him to work well with anyone in the classroom, as he always respects the opinions and abilities of others.

Navarro-Aguilar — Klohi is described by her teachers as a phenomenal student, an extraordinarily positive influence in her classes, and a quiet leader. Klohi is a member of the JRROTC program, the Academic Team, and the Model UN club. After high school she would like to serve in the military then pursue a degree in education and become a math teacher.