Submitted photo | City of Xenia

Shawnee Park’s pond, where a few bighead carp have been spotted, will be closed so they can be removed.

XENIA — The pond at Shawnee Park will be closed to fishing on Wednesday, April 12, and Thursday, April 13, while Division of Wildlife staff from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and City of Xenia personnel take action to remove invasive bighead carp.

Since July 2022, two such fish have reportedly been caught from the pond by fishermen. According to the Division of Wildlife, bighead carp are an invasive fish which have been spreading within the Ohio River basin and can harm native fish. It is believed the bighead carp caught from the pond at Shawnee Park were moved there from the Ohio River tributaries that drain into it, according to a release from the city.

Division of Wildlife reminds residents that it is illegal to possess live bighead carp and silver carp in Ohio. Division of Wildlife personnel will be overseeing the effort to determine if there are more bighead carp or other invasive fish in the pond.

Staff will also be on the scene to explain how the operation is handled and will answer any questions members of the public may have.

Reach Karen Rase at 937-502-4534.