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Board of Elections names acting deputy director


XENIA — The Greene County Board of Elections Tuesday named Jordan Huber as acting deputy director.

The board unanimously approved his hiring for 90 days after which time the board can decide whether to retain him as the deputy director or move him back to his current position as the board’s campaign finance manager. The Democrat will assist Republican Alisha Lampert, the director, with day-to-day tasks including preparing and conducting all elections, recruiting and training precinct officials, and managing a secure database for voter registrations and election results.

The board had tried for a couple weeks to hire a deputy but each vote resulted in a 2-2 outcome along party lines. In Ohio the board consists of two Republicans and two Democrats to ensure fairness. The director and deputy director must also be from opposite parties.

Huber, who has worked at the Board of Elections since 2017, said he is familiar with board duties on a day-to-day basis.

“The reason I applied for the job is I believe with my job experience and education I’ve gained from being in the industry, I meet the qualifications of the position,” said Huber, who has performed a variety of tasks while working at the BOE such as assisting with voter registration, testing voting machines/equipment, and assisting at poll sites.

“This is a good position, I can learn more about the job and the industry in the next 90 days,” he added. “I am very grateful to the board for offering this opportunity to me and I want to show the board that I am capable of performing the duties of the position. Of the 21 different duties included in the deputy director position, I have done, or been part of, 18 of the 21.”

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