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Xenia recognizes kids of character


XENIA — Xenia Community Schools recognized the March kids of character during the school board’s regular monthly meeting.

Honored were Zoey Blake (high school); Lily Naylor, Emma Guthrie, and Sawyer Lockwood (Warner Middle School); William Hawkins (Tecumseh Elementary School); Patrick Davis (Shawnee Elementary School); Levi Moore (McKinley Elementary School); BrynLee Salyers (Cox Elementary School); Nora Wittmer (Arrowood Elementary School); and Abel Stiffler (preschool).

The following are portions of what was read about each student during the meeting.

Blake — Zoey has participated in a number of different activities during her four years at Xenia High School. She was one of the founding members of the XHS Writing Club and has been a member of the Academic Team. Zoey has been a Library aide for the past three years, and is a member this year of Vocal Ensemble. Zoey also won the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Essay contest this year. Zoey is a thoughtful and caring person and a wonderful representative of the high school.

Naylor — Lily is a great role model in the classroom. She is attentive, always willing to help her peers, and completes exemplary work. Outside of the classroom Lily also participates in a variety of activities including Warner’s volleyball team and leadership team. When given a job, Lily makes sure it is done to the best of her ability and sees it through to the very end. A perfect example of this is Warner’s upcoming leukemia and lymphoma penny drive that the leadership class is planning. Lily was eager to volunteer for morning announcements and was ready to help and organize material for events to help make this year’s event a success.

Guthrie — Character is defined as qualities of honesty, kindness, and integrity and Emma exhibits all of these. Emma is a hard-working student, and she has demonstrated this in all of her classes. You can always count on Emma to be prepared and ready to participate. In the classroom, she is willing to assist teachers and give students a helping hand. Her kindness towards others shows on a daily basis. Emma’s love of learning is evident every day. Emma is a leader at the school and puts her whole self into participating. She is wonderful to have in class because she gives 110 percent every day and participates, adding to her education and the classroom culture.

Lockwood — Sawyer is a rock star of a person and student. He shows, by his actions inside the classroom, in the hallways, and at extracurricular activities what it means to be a kid of character and why he deserves to be recognized. Sawyer is an engaged learner, and always the first to help a neighbor when they are struggling to learn a new concept. He is hard-working and dedicated to his studies, all the while being involved in a number of extracurricular activities. Outside of the classroom, Sawyer has been involved with football, leadership, pillars, and robotics. He is also awaiting induction into the National Junior Honor Society. He leads by example, has a positive energy, and is a great addition to any room he is in.

Hawkins — William is the perfect example for perseverance in our classroom. He works with determination at everything he does. When things get hard, he does not give up. He works even harder to figure out the challenging things. When (his teachers asks) him to correct something, he does it quickly and asks for help when needed. William never gives up, he never stops and he never quits. William is an all-around great kid who is kind to his peers and respectful to adults. He sets a great example for others.

Davis — Patrick is a very excited, ready-to-learn young man. He comes to school happy and eager to take on the challenges the day will bring. If Patrick is ever asked to give his opinion about a topic, he is always honest and will give reasons for his statement. Patrick can be trusted to always tell the truth if he has made a poor choice. He will quickly correct a poor choice and fix the problem, making sure to say “sorry.” Thank you, Patrick, for being such a wonderful pillar of the character trait, “honesty.”

Moore — Levi is an excellent student with a strong work ethic and a desire to learn. He arrives on time to school every single day, prepared with his necessary materials. Levi works very hard on all of his assignments and always puts forth his best effort. He has grown so much during the course of this school year, and we are extremely proud of how much he has accomplished. Levi is also a great friend to everyone and treats every person he meets with kindness. He is well-mannered, respectful, and a good listener. It is a joy to have Levi in Kindergarten this year. He’s an all around amazing kid.

Salyers — BrynLee demonstrates shining star behavior every day at school because she is a problem solver, shows responsibility, cares for others, and shows respect to her peers. To be a problem solver, BrynLee thinks out of the box about how to solve a math problem and even how to show a peer how to find other ways. To show responsibility, she brings her daily folder each day and completes her homework. To show that she cares, BrynLee takes time to help her friends, whether it is in the classroom or on the playground. Finally, BrynLee is very respectful to her teachers, classmates, and peers. She is kind to everyone and follows the rules every day at school.

Wittmer — Nora is a kindergarten student in Sarah Hacker’s class. According to Hacker, Nora is a great role model for honesty in the classroom. She uses honesty to be a problem solver and always speaks truthfully even when others around her do not. Nora is a joy to have in class. She is an enthusiastic learner and a great friend to others. We are so grateful to have Nora at our school.

Stiffler — Abel is a kind, smart and helpful friend here at Xenia Preschool. Abel is a great listener in the classroom and is helpful cleaning up everyday. He plays well with all friends in the class. He has a smile when he enters the school everyday and always brings a smile to others. He is always willing to help a friend in need and is a great role model for the others in the class. He is eager to learn anything new and will try his best no matter what.