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Fairborn schools, Air Base to release early


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Schools, along with the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, have opted to release early in preparation for heavy storms and a threat of tornadoes.

Due to the potential for inclement weather, the 88th Air Base Wing made a post announcing the two-hour early dismissal. The dismissal was made by the 88th Air Base Wing and installation commander pending supervisor approval. Unless an exception is made, the post clarified that personnel should still telework from their homes if they are able.

Furthermore, businesses contracting with the base must still abide by their contracts and should “consult with their companies for guidance,” according to the social media post.

Fairborn City Schools is also dismissing two hours early, making the decision at 10:30 a.m. on April 2. All evening activities for Fairborn schools have also been canceled.

According to WDTN, severe storms are possible tonight with a risk of tornadoes forming across the Miami Valley. The greatest severe weather threat is the evening hours of April 2, including the possibility of hail and tornadoes.

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