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Two public service employees retire after decades


XENIA — A pair of long-time Xenia Public Service Department employees recently retired.

David French, who was born and raised in Xenia, ended his career after 44 years, while Charles Reeves, who served Greene County in other capacities as well, retired after 25 years.

French was hired by the City of Xenia in November 1979 as a laborer for the Public Service Department. He has since held the position of maintenance worker and equipment operator.

“From working in the landfill, to parks, replacing water, sewer, and storm lines, Dave has literally done it all,” said Public Service Maintenance Supervisor Ray Ferrell.

Reeves began his career with Xenia Public Service as a maintenance worker in March 1999. He has a reputation of being a hardworking, creative, and knowledgeable professional who is never afraid to “roll up his sleeves and tackle a job,” according to a release from the city.

Some of the projects Reeves has been part of include repairing water and sewer mains, maintaining storm and sanitary lift stations, snow removal, and laying asphalt. He was also part of the duo who built two additional buildings at the Public Service Department offices to allow for additional equipment storage.

“Chuck has spent the last 15 years working on the storm structures throughout the city, which included replacing storm catch basins and replacing small and big storm lines,” Ferrell said. “Chuck was also instrumental in the mapping of our storm system. He created the storm ‘bible’ that included the address and condition of each storm catch basin in the city. Chuck and his work ethic will be missed.”

French has also been part of countless projects in his tenure. Among them was an engineering change at the Ford Road Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2005 that required the installation of an 18-inch inlet pipe and filter housing. Thanks to his experience, knowledge, and abilities, the project was done in-house and resulted in major cost savings for the city, the release said.

During the past few years, French has been working with the city’s Geographical Information System (GIS) Analyst to map out the city’s water system. The institutional knowledge French has of Xenia’s water system has been instrumental in this process.

“Dave is one of those guys you can’t replace,” Ferrell said. “The knowledge he has can’t be taught in a few days and he will be missed. I wish him well as retires and hope he enjoys many years with his family going back and forth from Ohio to Kentucky.”

Before joining the City of Xenia, Reeves worked in the home construction business, which includes skills such as laying brick and stone, framing homes, and hanging drywall. He was also a member of the Spring Valley Township Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to his day-to-day duties with Xenia Public Service, Reeves completed several professional development trainings in first aid and CPR, chipper safety, and training on various subjects with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.