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Photos: Crowds gather in Xenia to watch solar eclipse


Photos by Steven Wright | Greene County News

Shawnee Park began to fill up in anticipation of the Monday total eclipse hours before it began.

This family set up their spot near the lake in Shawnee Park to have nothing in the way of their view.

As the eclipse neared, this duo began testing out their glasses which would allow them to safely view the event.

Halfway to peak totality and as the sky darkened, many observers in Sterling Green Park set up near the gazebo began to soak in the memories of the rare occurrence taking place.

Proper safety was the key to being able to watch the solar eclipse, whether you were attempting to directly look at the sun through glasses or even with a camera.

The sun over Xenia became completely obscured by the moon at roughly 3:10:51 p.m. on Monday, and a flare can be seen in this photo as the moon finishes passing through. The eclipse lasted for just under two minutes, causing the street lights on this road in the Sterling Green neighborhood to turn on.