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Fairborn residents charged for sidewalk repair


FAIRBORN — The city of Fairborn has approved a resolution to inspect and repair broken or hazardous concrete curb, sidewalk and drive approaches, at the expense of nearby homeowners.

According to Fairborn ordinance 903.1, it is the property owners responsibility to repair these street infrastructure components when deemed necessary.

According to City Engineer Manuel Jacobs, the city has already made an inspection of the street infrastructure and after the resolutions approval, will present estimates to property owners regarding the necessary repairs. Estimates will be sent by mail, and should the actual cost of repair exceed the estimate by 10 percent, affected property owners will be notified a second time, according to the resolution.

“we try to be very judicious and very careful about what we are marking,” said Jacobs during a regularly scheduled council meeting on May 20. “We try to take out only what is structurally deficient.”

The property owner, after being sent the estimate of cost, has the opportunity to privately contract or fix the deficient component of the street should they want to. After a certain time, if nothing is done by the property owner, the city will find a contractor to repair the required sections, according to Jacobs.

“Once that work is completed, we measure one more time the exact work that was done to each property owner,” said Jacobs. “And that is what is ultimately submitted to finance for assessment.”

Aesthetic issues will not be considered for repair, according to Jacobs, and only dysfunctional drainage systems on the curbs will be marked for repair or replacement. Deterioration and safety will also be considered for driveway’s and sidewalks.

These repairs fall under the city’s annual Curb-Sidewalk-Approach (CSA) program, and this year’s inspection found 106 properties to be charged (104 private properties and two public properties). The total repair cost is estimated to be $96,960, or an average cost of $932.31 per property owner.

The resolution was passed unanimously by the city council and estimates will soon be sent out to applicable property owners.

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