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XCS names May kids of character


XENIA — Xenia Community Schools honored the May kids of character during the monthly school board meeting.

Recognized were Macie Allen (high school), Anna Hopson (Warner), Lyla Hirsch (Tecumseh), Ariana Metz (Shawnee), Maggie Crank (McKinley), Rose Weaver (Cox), Annalee Yates (Arrowood), and Ronan Reilly (preschool).

Here are excerpts of what was read about each student at the meeting.

Allen — A former Warner Kid of Character, Macie was very active during her first three years at high school. Macie is involved with the Writing Club, the Chemistry Club, the Student Council, and the Blue Crew. Macie served this year as a freshman mentor, meeting with a freshman homeroom throughout the school year to support freshmen students in their transition from Warner to the high school. Macie was also selected as part of the high school’s Vocal Ensemble group and was selected for the National Honor Society.

Hopson — Anna has been chosen because of her tireless pursuit of academic excellence in all subject areas. She is extremely conscientious about her assignments and studies. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and is an amazing role model to all of her peers. Anna is very involved in her church and youth group. She has been a successful cheerleader at WMS and will be continuing her cheerleading at XHS next year. Anna has been a wonderful member of WEB. She has worked hard to be a positive example to all her classmates and has impacted the sixth graders she works with in WEB activities.

Hirsch — She can always be seen doing the right thing and heard encouraging others to do their best as well. She is an amazing student who remains focused, studies hard, and turns in quality work. We were so thrilled when she decided to apply for a student ambassador spot and she dove in head first even before her acceptance was official. Lyla is so caring, empathetic, and stands up for others even when it is difficult. It has been so delightful having her enthusiastic energy, and we are really going to miss her at Tecumseh.

Metz — Ariana has the courage to try every math challenge thrown her way. She has been willing to go out of her comfort zone this year and to share her mistakes in front of her peers without fear of being judged. She is always herself and doesn’t conform to what others may want her to be or do. I am very proud of the effort and courage she has put into my class this year.

Crank — Maggie is a wonderful example of a student with good character. She works hard each day and strives to always give her best effort. She is eager to learn new things at school in all subject areas. Maggie is caring, compassionate, and respectful to all of her classmates and shows the same consideration to her teachers. Her positive attitude is infectious.

Weaver — Rose always comes to school with a positive attitude. She continuously tries to help her friends, classmates, and peers. She even offers to mentor other students so that the teacher may work with other students. She consistently follows directions and leads by example, not by being critical of others. Rose exhibits what a true shining star student of character is.

Yates — Annie is a fourth grade student. Her personality shines bright here at Arrowood. She is a hard worker in the classroom, and her grades show this. She is consistently on the A/B honor roll, although she mostly gets A’s. Her conscientiousness shows through when she volunteers to help her teachers, classmates, and even students whom she doesn’t know. She brings joy and positivity to our school each day.

Reilly — Ronan is helpful and kind to teachers and friends inside and outside the classroom. He has been working hard to make green choices all year. Ronan goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and included. He always seeks to please his teachers and is compassionate towards his friends.