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XCS’ September “Kids of Character” honored


XENIA — Xenia Community Schools recognized September’s Kids of Character during this month’s school board meeting.

Honored were Liam Rogers (Xenia Preschool); Charles Best (Arrowood Elementary), Abigail Brittingham (Cox Elementary), Reese Vandergriff (McKinley Elementary), Arlis Bruggeman (Shawnee Elementary), Brian Dixon (Tecumseh Elementary), Easton Butler (Warner Middle School), Amirah Anderson (high school).

The following was read about each student at the meeting.

Rogers — Liam has been a positive role model since returning to preschool this year. Liam has been a super friend with his new friends by helping them learn the classroom rules, showing them around the classroom, and encouraging them to follow the daily routine. Liam has also been a super friend by helping his younger sister adjust to preschool life.

Best — Charles works hard in all of his subjects, and his hard work pays off with outstanding grades. During group work, you can find Charles being a good listener, sharing ideas, and helping others. He is a quiet leader and shows respect to everyone. He is an excellent example of a kid character.

Brittingham — Abby has been a shining star since the first day of school. She has been an example of a PAX leader in the hallways and classroom. She has helped others in the class when they needed it. She has been a friend to new students and helped them feel welcomed. She is responsible and has brought back all of her homework.

Vandergriff — Reese serves as a positive role model for her fellow students by showing respect, responsibility, and kindness both in the classroom and out. Reese works to keep out students safe by participating in the McKinley safety patrol. On top of all that, Reese works extremely hard in class and consistently puts forth her best effort.

Bruggeman — Casey Welker has chosen Arlis for the character trait of cooperation because of his ability to work well with others to accomplish a goal. She wrote, “In the short time I have had Arlis as a student, I can already tell he is a very valuable team member. Arlis has the gift of leadership and uses that gift to guide others in his group. I have been impressed with his communication skills and his desire to help others when working together.”

Dixon — He is kind and respectful to all of his classmates and will let them go first. He treats adults in the building with the same regard and kindness. Brian will jump in and help with things in our classroom without being asked. I love the way that I know whenever I am going to call on or ask Brian to do something, he is always going to say, “Yes, Mrs. Meeks.”

Butler — Easton shows exemplary character. He always come to class with a smile, read to learn and to help classmates without hesitation. Easton is a class leader and leads discussions with his astute observations. He never makes excuses and always responsibility for his actions. Easton works unswerving towards his academic goals and demonstrates indomitable determination.

Anderson — Amirah is a cross country runner who is a consistent source of positive encouragement and support for her fellow cross-country runners. Amirah also runs indoor and outdoor track. Upon graduation, Amirah would like to attend college and work on a degree in physical therapy, hoping to undertake a career as a personal trainer or physical therapist.