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Jamestown rejects annexation sought by JLB1 Properties


JAMESTOWN — The village on Wednesday passed a pair of resolutions objecting to a proposed annexation of Silvercreek Township land into Jamestown because of an inability to provide public services.

The annexation of two parcels — 51.227 and 5.389 acres known as the Morris Farm on South Charleston Road — was requested by JLB1 Properties and Jaret Bishop, who own the land.

The Board of County Commissioners journalized the type 2 expedited annexation petition — filed Jan. 22 — two weeks ago. During a village council meeting Feb. 5 it was rejected and Wednesday’s actions were necessary as formal resolutions must be passed, according to council member Jonathan Smith.

One resolution stated the village could not extend public services to the property and the second officially objected to the annexation.

The village had until Feb. 16 to file the objection otherwise the annexation would have approved by the county. According to County Administrator Brandon Huddleson, the commissioners will schedule a discussion of the petition at its next regularly scheduled meeting, during which a member of the village will be asked to attend and present the objection and the reason(s) for it.

The commissioners will then have until March 7 to decide on the annexation.

JLB1 Properties said the land is in agricultural use at this time, but it could be rezoned and developed in the future. Bishop is currently developing lots within Jamestown for the Glenwood Estates subdivision. The company also owns Trotters Pointe (a proposed 63 new single-family home subdivision) and Quail View (a 72-unit complex) in Washington Court House.

“There has been a high level of interest in the Glenwood Estates property but as for the proposed annexed land, we have no plans for development at this time,” Bishop said.

He added that the company owns several subdivisions and prides itself on developing “good neighborhoods with good neighbors.”

“We want to see the community grow and developments would also help the small businesses in the village,” said Bishop.

Additional housing is being sought by construction workers looking to move closer to the $3.5 billion electric vehicle battery plant in Fayette County. The Honda/LG Energy Solution plant is projected to hire about 2,200 workers after completion and the commute from the Jamestown area is estimated at 10-15 minutes.

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