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Xenia native earns promotion with XFD


XENIA — Being a Xenia firefighter/paramedic isn’t just a career for Nate Todd.

It’s somewhat of a dream.

“I’ve always wanted to work here,” said Todd, who was born and raised in this community. “Getting to do stuff where I grew up, in this area, it’s really cool.”

Todd will now get to do more “stuff” as after 12 years he was recently promoted to lieutenant. It’s a new challenge he’s excited to tackle.

Ironically, the path to becoming a firefighter wasn’t a straight line for Todd. While he was going to school for a career in environmental work, he was part of a HazMat job at an airport and was told he needed to have his volunteer firefighter card.

Todd contacted Xenia Township Fire Department and began taking classes, “and they just kept feeding me education,” he said.

In 2006, Todd began working with Xenia Township and later joined Xenia Fire & EMS Division. His training and education has continued since signing on with the City of Xenia, and he’s grateful for the opportunity to learn all he can.

“If you’re willing to put some effort in and show some initiative, if you’re hungry, they feed you,” he said.

In addition to his everyday duties as a firefighter/paramedic, Todd represents Xenia Fire & EMS Division on the Region 3 Task Force, Ohio Task Force One, and as a tactical medic with the Greene County Regional SWAT Team.

In the 12 years he’s been with Xenia Fire & EMS Division, Todd said the job of being a firefighter has changed tremendously.

While fires still happen, they are far less frequent. Conversely, the number of EMS calls continue to rise. As a lieutenant in a leadership position, Todd said his role is to help new recruits in the ever-changing environment.

“You have to be willing to adapt and kind of be willing to accept that it’s a little uncomfortable to change, but we’re always changing,” he said.